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Just some quick notes about "Yurts So Good!" We will be debuting the podcast and youtube channel on Feb. 15th 2015.

We are excited to bring you an interview show that is not going to let corporate greed get in the way of asking anything we want to ask. Whoever the guest we will always be polite, respectful, and mindful of our guests situation/s.

So Feb. 15th will be an exciting day! We will also be debuting "On The Roam Again" with your host Ari Rome. Ari has traveled the country and played with many musicians from Alaska to Florida! You will get to hear and see some of his great musical adventures. 

​As time goes on we will continue to bring you high quality podcasts and youtube programs. And we look forward at poking fun at everything and everyone. Hopefully not to cynically. 

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I long for the good old days!! Breakfast Lunch and Dinner!

Most Americans know them as Yaz, but that was short for Yazoo a now defunct record label from the decade of decadence!

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